What is cold saponification?

It is a method of making soap that involves not heating the oils that make it up to keep all the benefits for your skin. This process requires artisanal manufacture, in small quantities, and can not be industrialized. It is a patience craft, because the soap must dry for 6 weeks.

For what types of skins?

Our Fine Fragrance soaps are overgraded, and composed of oil and botanical butters rich in assets. They will therefore be suitable for all types of skins.

How long does a fragrance soap last?

Soap lasts about 3 weeks. To do this, be sure to follow the conservation advice.

How to keep my soap?

Fine Fragrance soap is a delicate care: composed only of oils and plant butters, it melts faster than industrial soaps. To preserve it, move it away from splashing water and do not leave it in a support that retains water.