What is cold process soap making?

It's a method of soap production that involves not heating the oils used, in order to preserve all the benefits for your skin. This process requires artisanal production, in small quantities, and cannot be industrialized. It's a craft that requires patience, as the soap needs to cure for 6 weeks.

Are the soaps suitable for all skin types?

Our fine fragrance soaps are superfatted and made from botanical oils and butters rich in active ingredients. Therefore, they are suitable for all skin types.

How long does a fine fragrance soap last?

The soap lasts approximately 3 weeks. To achieve this, please follow the storage advice.

How should I store my soap?

Fine fragrance soap is delicate: composed solely of plant-based oils and butters, it melts faster than commercial soaps. To preserve it, keep it away from water splashes and don't leave it in a holder that retains water.

Are the products suitable for pregnant or breastfeeding women?

Our treatments are scented, and some contain essential oils that are not recommended during pregnancy. However, you can confidently use the following products, as they don't contain any: Le Sud, la nuit dry oil and Le Sud, la nuit soap.